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It may be cheesy, but the heart of MU Property Management beats because of our tenants.

Tenants like YOU are the reason we do what we do.

We know that there are many fish in the sea, so thank you again for choosing us


Cold Weather Reminder  
It’s very important to ensure that during the winter months, electric heat is turned on in your apartment or home at all times. This helps keep the sprinkler system and pipes above your apartment safe and helps you avoid any property damage to your unit and belongings, due to broken or frozen pipes. Always be mindful of the temperature in your apartment, even if you’re not at home.
Traveling this Winter?  
If you are going to be away from your apartment for longer than 7 days, please contact us so that we can arrange a courtesy routine inspection, free of charge to you, during your absence to ensure your apartment is safe and that you won’t return to any unpleasant surprises.Do you have
Tenant’s Insurance?
While tenant’s insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for all of our tenants. Always ensure that your tenant’s insurance is active and up to date.